Fire Protection Services

Installation and Maintenance of equipment
Form 1 Fire Protection enjoys working with our customers. We endeavour to reach the best solution to their requirements in the installation or upgrading their fire services. We have an outstanding record with our clients in saving them thousands of dollars by ensuring the design meets current and future site requirements. Utilising our experience we can help you in the following installation requirements:

Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems
Gaseous fire extinguishing systems
VESDA systems
Emergency evacuation lighting
Automatic Sprinkler systems
Fire pump sets
Fire hydrants and fire hose reels
Portable fire extinguishers
Fire blankets
Fire and smoke doorsets

Why maintain your equipment:

Government regulations
Required fire safety statement
Reduction in operating costs
Peace of mind (Equipment in working order when required)
Increased life expectancy
Increased life span of equipment

At the completion of each service we will complete a report outlining any repairs or system deficiencies in the system.

Click here to download a copy of our fact sheet for fire safety protection.